Weddings and functions

Ceilidhs bring everyone together to dance and celebrate, friends and family, young and young at heart.

Ceilidhs are perfect for:

  • Wedding receptions
  • Special birthday parties and anniversaries
  • Evening entertainment for conferences
  • Welcome events or leavers’ balls, for example for schools or universities
  • Community events such as village dances, PTA events, socials for clubs, societies and associations, you name it…

What’s a ceilidh?

A ceilidh or a barndance is an evening of simple, fun folk dances, done to live music, with a caller to explain the moves.  Dances are done in groups (“sets”) and are made up of simple moves like circling, galloping, swings and do si dos.  Before each dance there’s a walk-through where the caller explains all the moves – that’s where I come in.  The caller keeps prompting over the music until it’s all second nature.

Ceilidhs are great for weddings!

Want to see your friends, your new in-laws, your gran and your little cousins all dancing together at your wedding and having a great time?  Ceilidhs have a way of bringing everyone together – dancing gets the blood pumping and the oxytocin flowing (that’s the hugging hormone!).  Ceilidh dances are easy enough that everyone can do them, even those who think they have two left feet.  The caller is on hand to pick the perfect programme of dances and the band bring a selection of irresistible tunes to get everyone up and dancing.

How to book

To book me for a ceilidh, email me on or call my agent Jen on 01926 810415 or 07961 762585.  I work with several ceilidh bands, making it easier for me to find a band to suit your requirements and budget.

Useful things to bear in mind

Ceilidhs are usually between one and three hours long.  For anything longer than an hour it’s appropriate to have a twenty minute break in the middle.

The band and caller will bring a fully PAT tested PA system.  This ensures the band are mixed correctly and, importantly, that everyone can hear the music and the caller!  All your venue will need is to have normal power sockets for the PA to be plugged into.

Ceilidhs work best on wooden floors.  However, I’ve seen them work on tile, stone, carpet, tarmac and even on grass!

Flat, comfy shoes are the most fun to ceilidh dance in, so if your guests will be in heels they might want to bring a pair of flats for the evening.