Contra dances and folk dance clubs

Survivors' Ceilidh Dance at the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival

Contra Dances

I enjoy calling contras and squares to dancers of all ages and abilities.  Working with some of the finest high energy contra bands in the country, including Vertical Expression, Contrasaurus, The Night Before and Contra Alt Delete, I have called at contra dance events up and down the country, including Alcester Contra and Sheffield Spring Contras.


Ceilidh Dance with band Steamchicken at the Inter Varsity Folk Dance FestivalCeilidh series

I enjoy calling ceilidhs at events and festivals up and down the country.  I have called at Red Fox Ceilidhs, Warwick Folk Ceilidhs and at the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival’s Friday night ceilidh with Steamchicken.  I am always excited to work with a new band, or I am happy to find a band appropriate to the event.

Contra Dancing!


Folk Dance Clubs

I am a young caller with a passion for contras and squares, as well as Playford and ceilidh dance.  I have called at Coventry Zesty Playford, Mumpers in Derby, Sheffield Playford in the Pub, and worked with Paul Hutchinson and the Playford Liberation Front at Priddy Folk Festival.


Practising dance technique in a workshop at the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival


I have run workshops in rapper dancing (as squire of Warwick Rapper), stepping for rapper (at the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival 2015 with Alan Brunier), rapper dancing with a Tommy (Lichfield Folk Dance Festival), balfolk (at Priddy Folk Festival), Playford dancing for display (residential course at Benslow Music Academy, with Paul Hutchinson and Karen Wimhurst), waltz (for Warwick Folk) and ceilidh dancing in a wheelchair (with Joanna Bennett).

I am available to run workshops in dancing 101 (useful skills for any sort of dance), contra dance (including for absolute beginner contra dancers, style for improvers, and contra switch), Playford (including for display), waltz, balfolk for beginners, blues basics and lindy basics and rapper.